The Medugorje Herald

Dear friends, as Medugorje begins to prepare for the celebration of the 35th anniversary this edition comes to you as a fond farewell from us at the Medugorje Herald. Time and technology has caught with us and we has become apparent to us that now is the time to conclude our journey with the ‘Herald’. Many have been the tributes and pleas from all over to continue but alas we are not in a position to do so. So this final edition is a sort of testimonial of that journey that began 30th years ago. There are five testimonies appearing now and each in its own way conveys a message, that being the validity of the apparitions to the individuals concerned. In conclusion, may we take this opportunity to express in a sincere and humble way our very deepest thanks to all those who over the years have contributed to the continuity of the mission which began in 1986. So many have given willingly so much of their time and labour in helping to promote the messages of Medugorje. Truly they have responded to Our Lady’s call to messengers of her messages.

The Editor.

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