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All I Ask Is That You Love Me


The publication was inspired by the message of Our Lady in Medugorje when she asked that we put Jesus in the first place in our lives and adore her Son continually.

Since we first published this book it has spread throughout the world with the result that the demand has been so positive we are stretched to meet our printing costs etc.

See below for shipping costs.

QuantitiesZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
6 books€9€21€30€40€41
18 books€11€23€45€56€73
26 books€11€23€45€72€105
50 books€13€25€60€122€180
102 books€16€30€90€222€330



To reflect the Postage charges introduced in Ireland we have divided up postal addresses into 5 zones. You can read more details from the Irish postal service here


Postal Zones:

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